Learn how to create a process map at the PCB Lean forum 7 March 2017

pcb-logoPCB LEAN FORUM ~ 7 March 2017

“One picture is worth a thousand words”

Process mapping is a workflow diagram that enables you to analyse ‘as-is’ business processes and procedures. It helps you to identify and document processes, recognise inefficiencies and performance gaps so you can create the ‘to-be’ streamlined future state.  This is a Lean tool used to standardise and stabilise business processes which can be measured and managed for productivity improvement.


1. Identify process steps, decisions and documents required in your process

2. Determine process users and assign process steps in swim lanes

3. Conduct a value/non-value add analysis (what is your customer willing to pay for?)

Join us for a fun practical session at the next Lean Forum.


Martin Ost

Lean Consultant, Training Leadership Consulting (TLC)

DATE:  7 March 2017

TIME:  17:00 pm

VENUE:  Chamber House, Royal Showgrounds

About Martin:

Martin Ost is a Lean Coach and Consultant with TLC. He works with both shop-floor and management in the deployment of Lean, applying problem solving methodologies to identify root causes, implementing sustainable solutions and conducting training on business improvement concepts. Martin previously worked for Toyota South Africa Motors with various local and Japanese master trainers. He is originally from Germany and has lived in South Africa for 19 years.

To Book your seat email: info@pcb.org.za

About Training Leadership Consulting

Training Leadership Consulting (TLC) is a leading Business Improvement Service Provider. Founded in 2001, TLC provides Training and Management Consulting services focused on Process Management and Performance Improvement. Your company will benefit from TLC's years of International and local experience in Change Management, Process, Lean and Six Sigma. View their website www.tlc-global.com
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