A warm welcome to our new MD, Tanya Hulse

(Ltr) Tanya Hulse, TLC MD and Debbie McCarthy, TLC founder

(Ltr) Tanya Hulse, TLC MD and Debbie McCarthy, TLC founder

Training Leadership Consulting’s founders, Rick and Debbie McCarthy, have re-located to Boulder, Colorado. Debbie continues to be involved in the business and shares new global insights with us during her daily chats with the team and frequent returns to South Africa. We have brought on a new MD and are excited about the skill set, network and experience she brings.

Tanya joins the TLC team after 25 years working in the world of multinational corporates. She is an engineer by background, and has spent time in production management, projects, process optimisation, L&D and capability development, focusing both within South Africa but also globally. She has worked on concepts and projects with teams from countries as diverse as Peru and Poland, Uganda, the US, and India, among many others. Here’s what she has to say about the year ahead:

“I am delighted to have joined this phenomenal business developing people and helping companies with their business improvement journey. The dynamic team and diverse clients have exceeded my expectations. There has never been a better time for businesses in South Africa to embark on an improvement journey and we’re ready to play our role in making that happen.”

Tanya has recently moved from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg with her husband Gavin and daughters, Julia and Trisha. She enjoys spending time in the bush and scuba diving ranks highly on her list of fun things to do!

Get in touch: tanya.hulse@tlcglobal.org

About Training Leadership Consulting

Training Leadership Consulting (TLC) is a leading Business Improvement Service Provider. Founded in 2001, TLC provides Training and Management Consulting services focused on Process Management and Performance Improvement. Your company will benefit from TLC's years of International and local experience in Change Management, Process, Lean and Six Sigma. View their website www.tlc-global.com
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