Education is one of the most critical industries in this new age

In today’s world we face unprecedented change. Information is now doubling in hours, customers are mobile, informed and demanding of the best service. Industries like Travel, Banking, and Energy to name a few have all been transformed in this new age.

One of the most critical industries is education. The future will be online with customized and facilitated interventions at the workplace. We believe that being an adaptive leader is the most important skill you can have to survive in this dynamic environment.

The Leadership Centre is Training Leadership Consulting’s (TLC) eLearning portal and Internationally accredited certification body.  The Leadership Centre offers courses in becoming an adaptive leader, managing change, optimizing your business and developing your people skills.

At TLC we help organizations to understand their structure, problems and strategy to build capability so that they develop their leadership and capacity to solve their own problems. We have experience across multiple industries and continents to help you develop yourself, your teams, your processes to manage change and achieve breakthrough results.

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About Training Leadership Consulting

Training Leadership Consulting (TLC) is a leading Business Improvement Service Provider. Founded in 2001, TLC provides Training and Management Consulting services focused on Process Management and Performance Improvement. Your company will benefit from TLC's years of International and local experience in Change Management, Process, Lean and Six Sigma. View their website
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